Representing all the stages that a product travels through to get a Thank You Merci sticker after purchase, we are setting the new standard for sales brokerages. One that combines expert account management, with sophisticated business development, all built on an energetic foundation of passionate support and gratitude, that brands will truly feel.

Services We Offer


Where you will be seen and how you will be perceived is crucial.  We only get one chance to make a first impression and Thank You Merci will ensure that yours is unforgettable.


Business Mapping

Helping brands of all sizes  access their full potential, charting a path to growth. Thank You Merci helps you navigate every channel and path to market. We provide meaningful value to all aspects of your business whether you're a start-up or an established brand.


We measure ourselves on our ability to deliver short-term and long-term sustainable profit and volume growth. Translating consumer engagement into empowering sales for your brand. We offer full service sales representation and key account management for all channels in Canada & the USA.


These partnerships are critical in the early days of a brands success and play a lasting role in the health and profitability of your brand. We help you navigate all your options and find the right fit for you

Customized Service

We work within all your stages. Whether you are launching your brand, need a form filled out, have a question about a retailer, or you need a full Go-to-Market strategy, we got you. We offer "a la carte" services to fill all the gaps.

Our core function is fostering lasting relationships. We build, maintain and grow your business relationships with national and independent accounts. We focus on enhancing credibility and developing trust, providing outstanding service and results.

Relationships & Community